27 Jan 2014

President Vayu Sena Medal (gallantry) To Squadron Leader Vinay Bhal Accounts / Garud

Squadron Leader Vinay Bhal Accounts/ Garud is the Commanding Officer of an Indian Air Force Garud Unit since 04 Jun 2012. 

The IAF was called to the aid of civil power to undertake rescue and evacuation operations during OP RAHAT after a massive cloud burst resulted in extensive flooding accompanied by landslides in the state of Uttarakhand. 

The IAF Special Force Garuds, led by Sqn Ldr Vinay Bhal were inducted to undertake search and rescue operation in the affected area. 

On 25 Jun 13, the IAF Special Forces Garuds were tasked to locate the crash site of a MI-17 V5 helicopter. Sqn Ldr Vinay Bhal on board the search and rescue aircraft assisted in sighting the crash site in densely forested hilly terrain. 

With no landing ground, he led from the front and lowered himself close to the crash site using a cable wire. The entire operation lasted for three days and two nights during the course of which he operated in inhospitable terrain, inclement weather and on top of a forested hill with at a steep gradient.

 He led the team in an exemplary manner and maintained the team’s morale and accomplished the extremely demanding mission with peril to his life. He displayed astute professionalism, dedication and bravery. 

For his professional competency, excellent leadership qualities, exceptional courage and selfless devotion to duty, Squadron Leader Vinay Bhal is recommended for the award of Vayu Sena Medal (Gallantry). 

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